Our History and Aspiration


History of the Partnership

The group started life as a partnership arrangement between Deansfield Primary and Willow Dene School in June of 2011. The Headteacher of Deansfield, John Camp, became the Executive Headteacher of both schools and oversaw the improvements that needed to be made at Willow Dene. As a result of the tremendous success of the Partnership and the rapid transformation at Willow Dene, the partnership extended to South Rise Primary School in February 2012, Horn Park in April 2013, Halstow in September 2014, and Wingfield and Alderwood in September 2015.

Today, the Compass Partnership of Schools is led by John Camp, as CEO, with his Leadership Team. The Partnership is a charitable trust of five primary schools and one all-through special school, working in close partnership with Wingfield Primary School. The schools are based in the Royal Borough of Greenwich, and work very closely together to raise standards of provision and attainment for over 2500 children. These schools are at the heart of contrasting communities and achieve highly, regardless of context.  We have a shared vision and set of values that underpin all that we do, with a central focus on creative, innovative and engaging teaching that develops a love and interest in learning. We craft meaningful contexts for learning that actively engage children in rich dialogic tasks, developing key skills for independence, confidence and resilience.

From partnership to charitable trust

We became a multi-academy trust on 1st July 2017 under the same name. The Compass Partnership of Schools will retain its identity as a group, and will continue to protect the unique characteristics of each of our schools. We firmly believe that collaboration should not equate to ‘sameness’. We celebrate diversity in all its forms, and whilst there are some very clear consistencies across our schools, these do not undermine their individuality. We are clear that we need to be consistent about the right things; quality and integrity.

Aspirations and future opportunities

Future schools joining the group would be located in geographical hubs to ensure that we continue to realise the benefits of close partnership working. Any future growth would be planned in conjunction with local authority place planning procedures. One of our primary aims is to drive savings in organisational function so that we can ensure as much money is funnelled down to pupils in the form of outstanding teachers, support staff, and resources. As an integral aspect of this aim, we will maintain a reasonably flat executive leadership structure, with all executive headteachers focused on the schools and working with school teams to develop the quality of provision. We will proactively provide leadership opportunities at middle and senior level that span two or more schools. This will enable us to achieve consistency in quality whilst ensuring costs do not escalate.