Children from across our school councils spent an afternoon exploring what it meant to be part of the Compass Partnership of Schools and the prospect of becoming a multi-academy trust next year.

It was an insightful and creative afternoon and everyone is looking forward to more sessions in the future where they can discuss and hear each other’s views on a range of topics and ideas.

The children understood the word ‘compass’ to be about giving direction and navigating your way as well as providing location and establishing strong symbols that relate to the values of the Partnership. They felt that the ‘compass’ was appropriate as it was about embarking on a learning journey, receiving direction from teachers and guidance from experts.

They were also excited about the prospect of becoming a multi-academy trust seeing it as an opportunity to develop together, learn from and help each other and share ideas. They recognised the opportunity of being a multi-academy trust to develop friendships with each other and new schools, provision of new equipment as well as broader improvements they would benefit from by working closely together.