The first Compass Partnership School Council meeting was held at Willow Dene School on Thursday 4th October. Two members from each school in the partnership attended this important meeting (apart from Wingfield School, who were, unfortunately, unable to attend). On arrival at Willow Dene, the first item on the agenda was to introduce ourselves to all the other school council members from the Partnership Schools. It was great meeting new people.

Next, we talked about what events we could do to help support charities and groups in our local area. We had time to talk about what experiences we wanted everybody to have before the end of their time at Primary School.

Our final discussion point on the agenda was the environment in and around our school. We discussed what our schools are doing now and what they can do in the future to save our environment. One point raised, was that we all have a responsibility to pick up all the litter on the ground. Another point was to look out for any rubbish and try to prevent it from happening.

It was a wonderful first meeting and all the children involved were very motivated. We look forward with excitement to see what this group can do for our schools.