Our Members

The Trust Members bring a broad range of skills and expertise to the strategic leadership of the group of schools.

Mary Whitehead (Chair of the Board of Members)

Retired headteacher, national leader of education and school governor

Alex Brooks-Johnson

Former Chief Executive Officer, Wide Horizons Trust

David Mbatha

Director, KPMG East Africa

Fiona Aubrey-Smith

Former Head of Primary at SSAT (The Schools Network)

Nathalie Fitzgerald
Regional Manager, Create Development

Our Trustees

This is the Compass Multi-Academy Trust’s inaugural Board of Trustees, based on the founding group of schools in the Compass Partnership. The trustees have been appointed for the variety of skills and expertise that they bring to a multi-academy trust. The Board’s formation is designed to ensure representation across all of the schools in the founding group, and is therefore likely to change in the future as the Trust grows.

Mary Whitehead (Chair of the Board of Trustees)

Michelle Bernard

Janice Macleod

Robert Morgan

Orla Ralston

Susan Skidmore

John Camp

Hugh Lewis

James Mackenzie-Blackman

Linda Perks

Louise Rea

Mandy Watson

Local Governing Bodies

Each Compass school has a local governing body composed of a group of volunteers drawn from the community, each bringing a range of skills, expertise and professional experience. Our Governors provide essential links between the school, parents/carers and the local community. Governors work with staff and parents in an atmosphere of co-operation to provide the best possible framework for educating our children. They are involved in all aspects of school life and meet regularly with leadership teams.

Governors fulfil their responsibilities by:

  • Supporting the school and its ambition by working strategically to develop and implement vision and ethos;
  • Ensuring that the children are receiving the best education and achieve the best outcomes by monitoring the quality of teaching and standards across the school;
  • Setting a budget and making sure that financial resources made available to the school are used effectively;
  • Accounting to all stakeholders for the school’s performance and for the decisions they make.

You can read more about the governing bodies on our school websites