What a term it’s been for the Creative & Performing Arts at Halstow! This year’s Arts Festival theme – ‘Express Yourself’ – provided children with the chance to get creative and express their ideas, feelings and imaginations: this culminated in the most exciting, vibrant, imaginative exhibition yet!

Home Learning Project

We kicked off Arts Fortnight with a full-school home learning project called ‘Artists we Love.’ The children researched their favourite artist or designer at home, then created a piece of artwork inspired by their chosen person. It was so exciting to see the wide variety of painters, illustrators, sculptors and designers chosen by children from reception through to year 6: from impressionists such as Monet and Van Gogh, to pop artists such as Kusama and Warhol, to surrealists such as Kahlo and Miró to abstract artists such as Mondrian and Pollock! We set up an exhibition walk for children to admire each other’s incredible home-learning; the outcomes were fantastic and it was a great success! Many of the children’s fantastic home-learning is now displayed in our exhibition and looks sensational!

Project Playground

This year, we decided to extend our art exhibition into the playground. Inspired by street artist, Camille Walala, each class designed and painted a section of the playground wall. The project was made possible by generous donations from the Friends of Halstow as well as support from a number of parents, who volunteered to help with painting.  Lynn Hayes – one of our brilliant LSAs – oversaw the project; how lucky we are to have such dedicated, caring, creative staff members! The children loved the opportunity to take part in such a transformative, big-scale project and are really enjoying playing in their colourful new environment – it certainly expresses Halstow as a school and as a community!

Arty Party

Once again, the brilliant team at Arty Party provided every child with the chance to make some big-scale sculptures for our top floor hall. This year, the sculptures were based on some colourful glass vases created by ‘Memphis’ designer, Ettore Sottsaass. The children made giant bamboo structures covered with papier maché or cellophane, which they then painted in bold, stand-out colours.  The final pieces are absolutely breath-taking!