Our Mission


Shaping the future, transforming lives

The Compass Partnership of Schools deliver the best educational outcomes for all children in their communities and we pride ourselves on our inclusivity and commitment to each and every child, whatever their background, ability or need.  Together, we develop a love of learning and the motivation to succeed through rich and meaningful curricula, with a strong emphasis on the arts and sport.  We know that school is an important part of our children’s experience and we work closely with our families to help them develop a sense of moral and social responsibility.  Our inclusive curricula provide our children with learning experiences that enable them to become curious, enthusiastic, resilient, and confident. We are committed to ensuring that all our children succeed in their future endeavours. Our children leave the Compass Partnership of Schools well prepared for the next stage in their journey, able to navigate and discover limitless opportunities.

Vision and ethos statement

Anchored in the historic Royal Borough of Greenwich at the centre of time itself, the Compass Partnership of Schools synchronises the past with the present for a future that benefits children across diverse communities. We are an innovative group of schools collaborating to transform lives, with social justice at the heart of everything we do. Our shared vision and values guide each child to become curious, enthusiastic, resilient and confident. We value learning as a creative endeavour and boldly map the journey ahead so that our children are able to successfully navigate and discover their limitless opportunities.


Each Compass school has a governing body composed of a group of volunteers drawn from the community, each bringing a range of skills, expertise and professional experience. Our Governors provide essential links between the school, parents/carers and the local community. Governors work with staff and parents in an atmosphere of co-operation to provide the best possible framework for educating our children. They are involved in all aspects of school life and meet regularly with leadership teams.

Governors fulfil their responsibilities by:

  • Supporting the school and its ambition by working strategically to develop and implement vision and ethos;
  • Ensuring that the children are receiving the best education and achieve the best outcomes by monitoring the quality of teaching and standards across the school;
  • Setting a budget and making sure that financial resources made available to the school are used effectively;
  • Accounting to all stakeholders for the school’s performance and for the decisions they make.

Responsibilities are delegated to committees within the respective governing bodies who meet throughout the school year.

Whilst we are dedicated to our own group of schools, we are also committed to the development of effective education across the wider education system. We welcome opportunities to work in collaboration with schools beyond our partnership, and actively seek opportunities to work with national agencies that influence policy and practice. We are outward facing and system engaged – this is an integral part of our commitment to continued growth and renewal.

You can read more about the governing bodies on our school websites: